Psychotherapist and Counsellor in Central London and Kent (Medway)


So what is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy comes in many forms. The form of psychotherapy I practice is from a predominantly existential-phenomenological persuasion. This simply means that the therapy serves as a means for you to make sense of your situation, enabling you to better clarify not only the situation itself, but also what you want moving forward. No tricks, no gimmicks, just a human to human encounter talking about what really matters to you.

The therapy tends to be open ended (no fixed number of sessions) and is useful as a means of in depth self exploration. With a better understanding of yourself it may be easier to understand some of your choices, and some of the things you do.

Therapy may be able to assist with issues associated with insecurity and low self esteem, anxiety, depression, stress, relationships, sex, sexuality, gender, abuse, anger, trauma, bereavement, addictions, eating disorders, cultural and family problems, work related problems and redundancy. This list is not exhaustive and meant only as an example so please contact me if you do not see a particular issue that concerns you.

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